HiPi is a collection of Perl modules for the Raspbian Jessie Linux distribution on the Raspberry Pi. The modules should also work with the latest Raspbian Wheezy distribution.
There is further information in the About Page.

Automated Install

sudo perl hipi-install

The automated script will install package dependencies for you if they are required but you will always be prompted to accept this action.

Manual Install

If you want to download the latest tarball and then install manually:

... clear any prior download and extract
rm hipi-latest.tar.gz
rm -rf hipi-latest
... download and build, install
tar -xvzf hipi-latest.tar.gz
cd hipi-latest
perl Build.PL
perl Build
perl Build test
sudo perl Build install

Once installed you can run the HiPi Control GUI with the command

gksudo hipi-control-gui

It is necessary to run the control gui using gksudo (graphical sudo) because the HiPi Control GUI needs permissions to access the GPIO pins and device driver settings. You can use the HiPi Control GUI to set up your device drivers so that many of your other scripts do not need administrator (root) privileges to run.

No GUI Install

If you are installing HiPi and you know you don't want any GUI components just answer 'No' when prompted by the automated install script..


Once installed, you can periodically check for and install updated versions of HiPi by running the upgrade script: