The HiPi Modules provide access to the Raspberry Pi for your Perl scripts.

The distribution contains modules that allow you to access the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins directly and modules that wrap access to the kernel drivers for the GPIO, SPI, I2C and 1 Wire devices.

The distribution also provides high level wrappers for some common peripherals including H44780 based LCDs with serial interfaces, the HobbyTronics ADCI2C and MCP3008 analogue to digital converters, the MCP4nnn series digital to analogue converters, the MCP23017 i2c GPIO extender and the 18S20 and 18B20 1 Wire temperature sensors.

There is also a GUI application that allows you to control settings for the GPIO pins and device drivers.

Perl wrappers are provided for two external C libraries.

The modules are designed for and tested on the standard ( hard float ) distribution of Raspbian Jessie. The modules are also tested against the latest version of Rasbian Wheezy.

The code has been run on a Pi 3, Pi 2, Pi Zero, Model B+  and Model B.